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DataForce uses its experience and technology to create custom communities of freelance moderators who will monitor and review your content, classifying it in relation to your guidelines and policies.

Data moderation or content moderation is the process of classifying user-generated data or content so it can be properly integrated into your workflows within your social or web platforms. Specific focus is placed on identifying and classifying content that could be deemed egregious, misleading, upsetting, or objectionable so you can stop it from populating and being distributed across your platforms.

Here are two main approaches to this type of moderation: pre-moderation and post-moderation. Our focus is on post-moderation, where content is already live in your systems or platforms but needs to be classified, tagged, or annotated in order for it to be assigned appropriate viewing levels or user preferences.

Our flexible in-country communities can work within your existing workflows and platforms or within our platform, allowing for a more reactive approach and adding a multicultural and multilingual solution for all your moderation needs.

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Onboard 0-1000 annotators within weeks of project kickoff, leveraging a global community of over 1.3 million contributors



Your data is secure with SSAE 16 SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA & GDPR



Integrate directly with the DataForce annotation platform, yours or a third party of your preference

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