Language & Cultural Training

Going beyond language learning is key when it comes to reaching goals and becoming more proactive in international business. Our Language and Cultural Training group works with companies and individuals who want to improve linguistic, communication, and cultural skills in over 16 languages and across all industries. 


Our philosophy

The TransPerfect approach allows participants to not only improve their linguistic skills, but also to understand industry context so they can speak with confidence in any environment. Our team of experts help learners adjust speech and writing to their audience by acquiring a good command of business terminology and expected skills. Courses are created based on a skill assessment and the client's objectives to ensure maximum retention. 

We believe that a combination of dynamic, modern, and rewarding learning elements can be highly motivating, resulting in every learner becoming proactive in language.




Industry Terminology

Industry Terminology

Our programs include grammar, pronunciation, formality, speech structure, spelling, and social convention while enabling participants to practice and enhance various language aspects such as industry-specific terminology. 



A TransPerfect pedagogical coach will provide proactive support throughout the training to maximize the effectiveness of the learning process.

In-Person Training

Business Skills

Our team offers business skills workshops designed to highlight strategies, tools, and techniques for those wishing to be more effective in their work life.

TYPES OF Language and Cultural TRAINING

Who is language training for?

Our programs are designed for teams and individual professionals looking to develop their language and communication skills in a foreign language. We develop solutions that satisfy language-specific requirements and terminology in specialized industries.

What does it involve?

We provide training solutions in more than 16 languages for groups and individuals using top-quality teachers and state-of-the-art technology. We combine virtual classes with online solutions and integrate mobile learning to support industry-related terminology in our blended training process. We can deliver business language training in the following ways:

  • Self-study online training
  • Self-study and collaborative lab
  • Business English blended training (virtual sessions and online practice)
  • Virtual training (online sessions with a remote trainer)
  • Face-to-face training

Who is cultural training for?

Our programs are designed for teams and individual professionals looking to develop their professional integration in international business. Through adaptive training, learners can expect to develop skills that effectively equip them to avoid basic pitfalls frequently encountered when building business relationships with professionals from different cultures. 

What does it involve?

An online assessment tool is at the heart of our intercultural training solutions. This tool stimulates reflective learning and opens up greater awareness about the learner's own cultural starting points and assumptions, particularly the cultural foundations of values and beliefs.

High-level consultants, help groups, and individuals deliver our one- or two-day workshops that are designed to build valuable intercultural, communication, and leadership skills that can be applied across international borders.

Who is language assessment for?

TransPerfect’s language assessment program is for organizations that want to test candidates they bring on board to ensure they're linguistically qualified for the job.

What does it involve?

Our team of testing and training consultants assess proficiency in any language through oral proficiency interviews (OPIs), written assessments, and, in the case of interpretations, interpreter proficiency assessments (IPAs) to help improve effectiveness, customer experience, and job satisfaction.

In addition to ensuring language proficiency and professional credentials, our tests fully evaluate a candidate’s ability to respond completely and accurately in targeted industries.

Who is business skills training for?

Our team offers business skills workshops designed to highlight strategies, tools, and techniques for those wishing to be more effective in any aspect of their work life. The workshops are designed for professionals and companies to develop the necessary tools to face organizational challenges, promote teamwork, increase productivity, and encourage creativity.

What does it involve?

Through an intensive training program, participants will actively engage in role-playing games and simulations, face real-world scenarios, and acquire business skills that can help them succeed in managing difficult and complex business situations.

Interested in TransPerfect training? 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your goals, and we’ll make sure the right specialist reaches out.

Our Language and Cultural Training group offers training and assessment solutions to organizations across the globe

We develop individual and group courses for delivery in a wide variety of formats. Our dedicated trainers and coaches integrate the latest technology, mobile learning, virtual teaching, and adaptive approaches into our solutions. We also offer private training programs so you have the opportunity to customize content to your specific corporate learning goals.

training & E-learning (O)


  • Online preparation and support
  • Activities, videos, recordings, and more
  • Self-study
Software & Mobile Globalization

Mobile Learning

  • Job-related vocabulary 
  • Routine expressions
  • Daily practice
brand captain staffing (B)


  • Language training specialists to assist
  • Daily support
  • Increased involvement
  • Monitoring 
Training & Elearning

Virtual Classrooms

  • No more than six participants per class
  • Offered through our interactive platform
  • Communicative approach
  • Weekly speaking lessons
  • Activation of previously learned concepts
Interpretation (N)

Collaborative Lab

  • Networking and socializing
  • Topic-based approach
  • Speaking practice in group
  • Interactive approach
  • Self-study
Consecutive Escort Interpretation (B)


  • Language training specialists to assist in the learning process
  • Daily support
  • Tracking and reporting to the HR team
Multicultural Marketing (O)

Business Skills Workshops

  • Individual and group workshops focused on key business strategies, in any language
  • Examples include: successful international presentations, negotiating in an international environment, high-performing international teams, coaching expatriates, and more
Global Retail Consultancy (N)

Cross-Cultural Training Workshops

  • Individual and group workshops to help your teams adapt in other cultures in and out of the workplace 
  • Extensive experience with cultural training for mobility/expatriates, international executives, cross-cultural mergers and acquisitions, and more
Learning Assessment

TransPerfect language assessment solutions

Our team of specialists ensure that your current and future employees are linguistically capable of completing their job, in any required language. We offer four distinct types of assessment based on the specific job role needs of an employee. Assessments can be customized to your organization’s unique requirements, and employees will be scored against any of the three primary global language proficiency scales (ILR, CEFR, and/or ACTFL). TransPerfect provides access to a streamlined portal that allows you to independently schedule and track assessments in any language and view detailed reporting on the results of your assessment program.

TransPerfect Language Instructors

The TTC program is part of our quality assurance process. All of our teachers are audited on the quality of their teaching delivery, and we provide feedback regularly to maintain the highest caliber talent at all times. All of the TransPerfect language instructors master native fluency and are recruited according to our ISO-certified procedures. Our pre-training profile is comprehensive. We look for excellent communicators who are outgoing people and who we believe have the potential to become exceptional instructors. We value the experience they bring to us from other fields of education or practical work experience.


Kickstart your global strategy

We enable our clients to reach new markets globally by connecting with their audiences and providing the best possible customer experience—in any language. 



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