Metadata Creation & Translation

From product videos to feature films, every visual masterpiece requires accompanying metadata to maintain consistency across the entire lifecycle of a single video. TransPerfect can help with the creation and translation of this important element to ensure the maximum visibility of your content. MediaNEXT is the core technology for our solutions.

creative optimization

Creative adaptation

After your video is localized, it's time to focus on translating your synopsis, main and episode titles, key names, phrases, tag lines, and product descriptions. The creative adaptation of metadata is an important element of brand management and a requirement for every video.

TransPerfect translates all of your metadata by determining a tone and quality level, and whether they should read like a product description or marketing content. 

video optimization

Video optimization

Creating relevant content and producing quality video is important, but making sure people can find your video is even more critical. Algorithms on searching platforms take multiple items into consideration when selecting videos for search results, giving you plenty of opportunity to optimize your metadata. Our expert team of SEO copywriters research keyword terms that show up high in rankings and apply those to your translated metadata, ensuring your video will be viewed by as many people as possible.

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Head over to our MediaNEXT website, which is the backbone of our metadata creation and translation solutions.

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